Comprehensive Rehabilitation Services in Macclenny


Physical Therapy

Our professional, skilled therapists help you improve your ability to move functionally after injury, surgery, illness or other health conditions. This is done through individualized treatment using various treatment modalities.

Occupational Therapy

Our professional, skilled occupational therapists improve your ability to participate in daily functional tasks after injury, surgery, illness, or other health conditions. We work with patients to improve their quality of life to fulfill their roles and daily routines.

Speech Therapy

Our professional speech-language pathologists treat speech, language, cognitive-communication, social-communication and swallowing disorders. We work with patients to maximize their quality of life through improved communication and decrease the risk of aspiration.

Ed Fraser Memorial Hospital offers physical, occupational and speech therapy to provide comprehensive care and to maximize your quality of life through healing and improved communication.

Our qualified therapists are trained to ensure that you reach your highest level of recovery by developing a therapy program just for you.

(904) 259-3151 ext.2243
Hours: Monday - Friday | 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.