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Quality Orthopedic Care in Baker County

Orthopedic conditions send millions of people to seek treatment every year. In fact, most people suffer at least one muscle and/or bone injury over the course of their lives. And it’s not uncommon for people of any age to experience multiple orthopedic conditions in a lifetime – including broken arms, sprained ankles, hip, knee pain and sports injuries. When it comes to these types of ailments, it’s time to seek help from an expert orthopedist. In Macclenny, that means scheduling an appointment with board certified orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Wilbert Pino Jr. at Dopson Family Medical Center.

Orthopedic Care Specialties

Bone and muscle issues are often complex and require the attention of a specialist. An orthopedist or orthopedic surgeon doesn’t only perform surgeries– they provide comprehensive care, exploring less invasive treatments first in order to provide the best option for your particular condition. The orthopedic team at Dopson Family Medical Center are experts in recognizing and treating orthopedic conditions and disorders. Common orthopedic conditions include:


A number of hand and wrist problems require the attention of an orthopedist. Carpal tunnel syndrome is one common problem that afflicts many, especially those with jobs requiring repetitive wrist motion. In some cases, the median nerve can become pinched and cause the sufferer a high level of pain. Treatment can include rest, anti-inflammatories, steroid shots, and/or physical therapy. In extreme cases, your orthopedic may suggest surgery.

Fractures, tendon tears and arthritis issues also frequently require the assistance of an orthopedic surgeon to correct. Increasing age alone can often cause the onset of hand and wrist issues.


The knee is vulnerable to injuries such as ACL tears, fractures, torn meniscus and tendonitis caused by everyday wear and tear or sports injury. Osteoarthritis is also a serious problem which can lead to the breakdown of cartilage in the knee, causing mobility issues as well as a great deal of pain. In some instances, knee replacement by an orthopedic surgeon is the only effective treatment for severe osteoarthritis of the knee.


Spinal issues, including nerve compression and degenerative bone disease, can make it difficult to complete even simple tasks, greatly diminishing quality of life. Dr. Pino and his team can offer a range of options, from prevention plans (including steroid injections and pain medications) to surgery. In some cases, spinal surgery is necessary to address the problem and help patients regain mobility.


The shoulder is a complex structure that can suffer tendon tears, fractures, dislocation, and arthritis. A painful shoulder can make performing routine activities nearly impossible. These orthopedic conditions can be treated with changes in activity, pain medications, and surgery. Dr. Pino has spent decades treating people with shoulder disorders ranging from rotator cuff tears to arthritis of the shoulder joint.

Pinched Nerve

Pinched nerves cause numbness, sharp pains, and tingling sensations and is the result of the nerve being compressed by tendons, bones and tissue. People of all ages can experience a pinched nerve in their neck, back, hands, etc. Treatment can include non- surgical methods such as prescribed rest and medications, steroid injections, and/or splinting. If these methods aren’t successful, your doctor may recommend surgery to relieve pressure on the affected nerves.

For more information on Dopson Family Medical Center and how our orthopedic services can assist in your treatment, please call (904) 259-7815 or visit the website.